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Multi-County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN)

MCCSN is not affiliated with the American Cancer Society. Many people think when they participate in their Relay for Life or give a donation to American Cancer that they are helping Multi-County Cancer Support organization.. American Cancer Society is focused mostly on research and if a cure or a cause for cancer could be found, we would not need MCCSN. But so far that has not happened.

In January of 1992, approximately 20 people gathered at a local church to discuss the possibility of forming a cancer support group where cancer patients, survivors, and their family members could find support from other people that understood what they were going through. It was at this meeting they realized they had stumbled upon a real need. Cancer often means the loss of a pay check for a period of several weeks or months and while the income is not there the bills continue to come in. Many people, especially the young and the elderly are not able to deal with the extra financial strain. It was decided to officially form a non-profit support group under the name Multi- County Cancer Support Network----a long name that is so perfect for what this organization is about. The mission is simple to provide emotional, educational and financial support to cancer patients and survivors, their families and friends. We try to relieve the everyday crises of families touched by cancer in an eight county area which is Franklin, Moore, Lincoln, Grundy, Marion, Warren, Bedford and...

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The Fabulous Fifties Show

Peggy Mann, a local enthusiast of arts, had been to see a show in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Later, on her way home, she told her husband Ralph, "I believe we can do something like this in Fayetteville, and it will be a good  fundraiser for our community."

As Peggy brain stormed ideas with Cary Sullivan, and Edith McKay, her thought started becoming a reality. Edith began working on a script, and Cary began recruiting talent, and selling tickets.

On a wing and a prayer, they finished the first year and it went off without a hitch. Locals, along with people from other communities sent cards, flowers, and gifts to the cast members. There were even gold stars placed on the dressing room doors back stage.

Over the years the show has grown from two shows to nine, raising money for the American Cancer Society for the first twenty, and for the last several years for the Multi-County Cancer Support Network.

Our community along with surrounding communities anticipate the show every year. Around November and December calls start coming in with inquiries about ticket sales. The group has done so much to support these foundations and contribute to a good cause.

Remembering a quote from Helen Keller, "Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much."
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